I hope you are ready to have some fun painting this project! Directions are provided as a guideline but feel free to change it up or add anything you like to the project to make it your own!


     You will need tweezers and paper towels. Everything else is included! Baby wipes are perfect to clean up any spills or messes. The paints are non-toxic and water based. If you get paint on clothing wipe it off immediately. Once the paint dries it is difficult to get out.

  1. Use a newspaper or some paper towels to cover the area beneath the tile you will be painting. 

  2. Use the large sponge brush to paint tile the background color.(yellow) Use a thinner coat to start and if you feel it’s too light then use another coat. Let it dry before going to the next step. 

  3. Once the tile is dry. Place the large stencil sticker over the entire area. Fill in smaller stickers as needed. Firmly press the edges of the stickers to ensure a tight seal. 

  4. Use sponges to paint shapes. Black for controller and green for letters. Use a dabbing motion. A brushing motion can sometimes shift the stencil stickers. Do not be afraid to get paint on the stickers however, if you cannot see them, then you may have used too much paint! If this happens you may not be able to get the sticker off later. So go light, then a second coat if needed. Be sure you paint around all the edges of the stickers so you get a good clean edge.  

  5. Once the paint is semi-dry you can begin carefully peeling the stickers off of the board using tweezers for any small stickers.. You do not have to wait until the paint is completely dry. 

  6. Once completely dry, Use a marker to color in the buttons on the controller. 


We would love to see pictures of what you have made! Have your parents share with us on Instagram or Facebook! 

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